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dafa888娱乐场下载 is 来帮助你 get to where you want to be. We offer a wide range of courses designed specifically to help international students like you to achieve your career goals. No matter your interests or ambitions, you'll be able to join us at almost any point in your academic journey. You can explore more than 40 subjects whilst living and learning at one of our two international campuses. Our expert academic team are 来帮助你 make the right choices for you and your chosen career.

We'll help you every step of the way – from submitting a top application designed to make you stand out, to accepting your offer from the right university for you. We'll guide you through applying for your visa and be here to welcome you to your chosen campus once you arrive. Explore our different programmes below and make the right choice to achieve your dreams.


You can choose to study your programme 在校园 or 从家里开始上网. 了解更多关于 准备研究 and choosing how you study your programme with us.


dafa888娱乐场下载 Cambridge students in a 基础媒体 class at the College

一个水平 are British qualifications, accepted by all universities in the UK and recognised in the USA and Australia. This gives you a world of choice. Students typically study three or four subjects with exams at the end of two years.


dafa888娱乐场下载 London Star Student Mark Lee

A one-year course for international students that builds specialist subject knowledge and language and study skills. It is more focussed than 一个水平 making it good preparation for university. It is recognised for entry on to a range of degree programmes at 100 universities in the UK.



An 一个国际年 course is a one-year course equal to the first year of an undergraduate degree. Taught in Brighton and London, this course prepares you for the second year of a related degree at university.

Pre-基金会 programme


The Pre-基金会 course is three terms of extra study, designed to develop the skills you need to progress to the next step of your education. Giving you the opportunity to get to grips with the core principals of your chosen 基金会 programme, this course additionally offers language and academic support.



Experience UK culture whilst making friends with students from all over the world as you start your study abroad adventure together together. Choose between our cricket, creative or academic summer camps for your perfect dafa888娱乐场下载 summer.

英语 Language Programmes


If you don’t meet the 英语 language entry requirements for the 一个水平, 基金会 or 一个国际年 programme, you can first study one to three terms of 英语 speaking and writing.



Improve your IELTS scores by up to one full point in only six weeks with our intensive 英语 language preparation course. Our intensive course provides you with the best opportunity to achieve your required level of 英语 language.


Belelrbys star student Xinyi

"UK qualifications are recognised all over the world, and there are plenty of opportunities for further study and career progression once I have completed my course."

来自中国的欣 - Studied 基金会 Science & Pharmacy and achieved 86%, now studying Pharmacology at the University of Bath
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