• From dafa888娱乐场下载 Foundation student to Formula One junior engineer: dafa888娱乐场下载布莱顿 alumnus shares his story

    A past dafa888娱乐场下载 Engineering Foundation student talks about his experience at dafa888娱乐场下载布莱顿dafa888体育 and what he did next when he went on to study at Loughborough University.
  • 为什么学习工程

    New students arriving at The University of Sheffield International College
    From international opportunities to a high earning potential, here are many great reasons to study engineering at Bellerby’s College in Brighton.
  • 在dafa888体育学习基金会的小贴士


    Sharon, one of our former full-time online students who graduated from 伦敦dafa888娱乐场下载学院 with a Foundation in Marketing, gives an insight into the support she received during her Foundation studies.

  • 优秀的考试成绩为dafa888体育的A级学生

    12 August 2021

    dafa888娱乐场下载 A Level students are celebrating another year of exam success.

  • 如何提高你的幸福感

    07 July 2021

    dafa888娱乐场下载学生大使, Ananda Zuraenee Sudarmaji talks about her own experience of improving her wellbeing and offers tips to anyone who is looking to pick themselves up after exams.

  • 为什么要在英国学习预科

    02 June 2021

    通过在英国学习一个预科学年, you will develop the skills you need before starting university while adjusting to life here. Learn more about the dafa888娱乐场下载 Foundation year in our blog. 

  • New 一个国际年 programme with dafa888娱乐场下载dafa888体育 and NCUK

    11 May 2021

    dafa888娱乐场下载dafa888体育 is delighted to announce that it has partnered with NCUK to deliver the 一个国际年 (IYOne) qualification. Students will be able to progress directly into the second year of a bachelor’s degree at any of the NCUK Partner Universities across the country.

  • 学习媒体的原因

    12 April 2021

    媒体具有前瞻性, modern subject where you can develop transferable skills and go on to work in an exciting industry. In our blog, you can learn why students choose media studies at university.

  • 开始我的学习,为成功做准备

    08 April 2021

    Devika, a dafa888娱乐场下载布莱顿 student ambassador from India, 目前在她的第一年学习. Here, she shares her experience of studying the 成功的准备 programme ahead of starting her A Levels last September.

  • Exciting new progression opportunities for dafa888娱乐场下载 Foundation students

    31 March 2021

    dafa888娱乐场下载dafa888体育 is excited to announce two new progression agreements for our Foundation programme with University of Exeter and Royal Holloway, 伦敦dafa888体育. This adds to the impressive list of university partners that we work with to provide progression opportunities to our Foundation students.

  • 我在“为成功做准备”方面的经验

    29 March 2021

    Zee, from Indonesia, is a current dafa888娱乐场下载 student in her first year of A Level study. Here, she has shared her experiences of our virtual preparational course, 成功的准备, as well as what it’s been like being an international student during this time.

  • 虚拟学习经验

    02 March 2021
    Passport style photo of student against white wall

    来自印度的德维卡正在学习高级物理课程, Chemistry and Mathematics at dafa888娱乐场下载布莱顿dafa888体育. Here, she shares her experience of studying online.

  • 在英国学习STEM的国际女性

    dafa888娱乐场下载 student working with chemistry equipment in lab

    Women have been underrepresented in STEM for too long. dafa888娱乐场下载 gives its female STEM students the tools they need to thrive at university and make a difference once they enter the workplace. 

  • 我在dafa888体育学院的第一学期

    dafa888娱乐场下载 student ananda at a restaurant with palm tree in background
    听到完美的祝福, dafa888体育的学生大使之一, about the joys and challenges of her first term at dafa888娱乐场下载dafa888体育, 包括她在网上学习的经历.
  • New progression partnerships with Loughborough and Sussex universities

    19 January 2021

    The dafa888娱乐场下载dafa888体育 Foundation Progression network continues to go from strength to strength having formalised two new progression agreements with Loughborough University and the University of Sussex.

  • What is it like to be an international student in a global pandemic?


    One of our students from Indonesia shares her experience of starting her A Levels online from her home country. Find out what to expect from your classes, making friends and support from our teachers. 

  • 为什么要学习高级数学和高级数学?


    As well as being an engaging, challenging and almost limitless subject, Maths will help you go far. 它培养的技能不仅仅是学术上的. 毕竟,数学是一种通用的语言. 你的知识越丰富, 你就越容易理解周围的世界, from ever-expanding technology to managing your finances.

  • 出国留学的职业利益


    There are many benefits of studying abroad, both personal and educational. But there are also a range of career benefits as well. Discover more about how studying abroad can help enhance your employability and give you the edge when it comes to starting your career.

  • 在dafa888体育学院考试成绩优异

    14 August 2020

    In what has been an extraordinary period of change and uncertainty, we are delighted to say that our A Level students have achieved another set of excellent exam results, once again performing well above the national average.

  • UK Minister welcomes international students back to their schools

    10 August 2020

    Department for International Trade MP Graham Stuart has written to the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) making it clear that the UK is ready to welcome international students back to their schools.

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